Hi! Ruan Fourie here.

I’m a software developer in Johannesburg and like so many others I looked for a place to host a personal website. It needed Windows hosting since I was making use of ASP.net and I was a bit disappointed to find that there just wasn’t any good South African hosting comparison sites out there. It was more work to find a hosting package that suited my needs than what it should have been.

So I did some research and decided to start my own comparison website.

Hopefully this site can become a helpful tool in choosing the perfect place to host your website or host your server. Hosting Web is still very new and there are still a lot of areas to grow. One thing is certain though:
The prices on Hosting Web are updated at least once a month.

If I do miss anything or you would like me to add your hosting company to the list then you are welcome to contact me:

I value transparency so do know that I’m trying to get Hosting Web to pay for itself over time. So I do make use of referral links when available. This does not increase the cost for anyone! In fact in some cases it may actually lower the price to follow a referral link from here.

In the case of me choosing best hosting places I do not let referral links cloud my judgement. My opinions are honest and you will quickly see that I appreciate hosting packages that are good value.

Currently I’m also hosting with an overseas hosting company so as not to give any local hosting companies preference.

Thanks for reading!

May you find the perfect host.