Best Web Hosting For Your Money – August 2014

Best Web Hosting
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Welcome to this month's guide on the cheapest hosting in South Africa. I've tried to make the guide as simple as possible but I know not everyone has the time to read everything that is presented here. The pricing tables are there for those who want to look at the packages in detail. If you just want to select a host on what I think is the best value for money then click on any of the winners.

The point of this guide is to find the cheapest hosting packages with the best value that's being offered by South African hosts.

There are 16 companies listed in this month’s post.

These links will take you to their sites. Some of them are affiliate links which means I will get a little bit of money if you sign up but don't worry you won't get charged more by following these links. In some cases they may actually lead to discounts.

I've removed @tlantic since their site now redirects to Vox Telecom and they aren't transparent with their prices.


Linux Shared Hosting
-Cheapest of the cheap (R0 to R50)
-Medium sized website (R50 to R100)
-Large with fries (R100+)
Windows Shared Hosting
Final Word

Note that if you click on a row in these tables then it will show more information on the package. Links to the hosts are shown for the winners or you can use the List of South African under the site navigation to the right.

Linux Shared Hosting

Cheapest of the cheap (R0 to R50)

CostTrafficHDD SpaceLocalEmailsDatabasesFree DomainDomains
Cybersmart-PinkR0 PMUnlimited600 MBYes5YesNo?
Domaincheap-FreeR0 PMUnlimited700 MBYes1NoNo?
Webspacebar-50mbR4.95 PMUnlimited50 MBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
MI HOST-BronzeR6 PMUnlimited100 MBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Gridhost-NewbieR8.95 PMUnlimited70 MBYes152No1
Ample Hosting-ZincR9 PM100 GB500 MBNo51Yes1
Afrihost-Bronze HomeR9 PMUnlimited300 MBYes5NoYes1
Frikkadel-Just the SauceR9 PMUnlimited50 MBNoUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Hostking-StarterR9 PMUnlimited500 MBYes10UnlimitedYes1
Webspacebar-100mbR9.95 PMUnlimited100 MBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Host4Africa-Tungsten HostingR9.99 PMUnlimited350 MBNo101Yes1
Webspacebar-250mbR12.95 PMUnlimited250 MBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Webspacebar-500mbR15.95 PMUnlimited500 MBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Cybersmart-BlueR18 PMUnlimited2 GBYes25YesNo?
Webspacebar-750mbR18.95 PMUnlimited750 MBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Web Africa-StarterR19 PM750 MB750 MBYes5NoYes1
Afrihost-Silver HomeR19 PMUnlimited750 MBYes25NoYes1
Hetzner-MicroR19 PMUnlimited1 GBYes20NoNo1
Webspacebar-1GigR21.95 PMUnlimited1 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Domaincheap-MicroR24 PMUnlimited2 GBYes200Yes?
Hostking-BasicR24 PMUnlimited1 GBYes25UnlimitedYes1
Webspacebar-2GigR24.95 PMUnlimited2 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Gridhost-BloggerR24.95 PMUnlimited2 GBYes303Yes5
Frikkadel-Standard PlateR25 PMUnlimited250 MBNoUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
MWEB-LiteR29 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYes11Yes1
Ample Hosting-BronzeR29 PM200 GB5 GBYes155Yes?
Webspacebar-3GigR29.95 PMUnlimited3 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Serve Hosting-Serve 1R29.99 PMUnlimited1 GBNoUnlimitedUnlimitedNo10
MI HOST-SilverR31 PMUnlimited500 MBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Webspacebar-4GigR34.95 PMUnlimited4 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Elitehost-UnlimitedR35 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNo1
Cybersmart-YellowR38 PMUnlimited4 GBYes75YesNo?
Afrihost-Gold HomeR39 PMUnlimited2 000 MBYes751Yes1
Hetzner-Micro ProR39 PMUnlimited2 GBYes50NoNo1
Web Africa-StandardR39 PMUnlimited2 GBYes151Yes2
Webspacebar-5GigR39.95 PMUnlimited5 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Host4Africa-Copper HostingR39.99 PMUnlimited2.5 GBNo351Yes1
Hostking-StandardR42 PMUnlimited2 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimited
MI HOST-GoldR46 PMUnlimited1 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Cybersmart-GreenR48 PMUnlimited10 GBYes200YesNo?
Afrihost-Platinum HomeR49 PMUnlimited3 000 MBYes2005Yes1
Ample Hosting-SilverR49 PM300 GB10 GBYes3510Yes?
MWEB-ProR49 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYes52Yes1
Frikkadel-The Full PlateR49 PMUnlimited1 GBNoUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited PlanR49 PM5 GB2 GBYes255Yes1
Domaincheap-StarterR50 PMUnlimited4 GBYes301Yes?

Cheapest of the Cheap: Cybersmart - Pink

It's probably going to take a long while before we get anything better for free. You must host your domain with them but you get some email addresses and a database so it's possible to run a WordPress website. I wouldn't use it for a company site since speeds aren't that great but for a personal site you can't beat the price.

The Most Space: Elitehost - Unlimited

In theory MWEB offers the most space for the cheapest price but the rest of the features are so limited that I would rather recommend Elitehost.

Most Sites on a Single Package: Webspacebar - 50mb

If you have a 100 websites that are all very small then this is the deal for you. 50MB is quite small though and MI HOST is probably a more realistic package for only a few Rand more.

Medium sized website (R50 to R100)

CostTrafficHDD SpaceLocalEmailsDatabasesFree DomainDomains
Gridhost-TechieR59.95 PMUnlimited4 GBYesUnlimited10Yes10
Gridhost-Corner StoreR59.95 PMUnlimited4 GBYesUnlimited10Yes10
Webspacebar-10GigR59.95 PMUnlimited10 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Host4Africa-Silver HostingR59.99 PMUnlimited5 GBNo5005Yes2
Elitehost-Unlimited PlusR60 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNo3
Afrihost-Bronze proR65 PMUnlimited4 GBYes50020Yes1
Ample Hosting-GoldR79 PM400 GB20 GBYes5020Yes?
Ample Hosting-GoldR79 PM200 GB20 GBYes2510Yes?
Web Africa-PremiumR79 PMUnlimited5 GBYes100100Yes100
Elitehost-BusinessR89.95 PM45 GB10 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNo1
Serve Hosting-Serve 2R89.99 PMUnlimited3 GBNoUnlimitedUnlimitedNo25
Cybersmart-AquaR98 PMUnlimited20 GBYesUnlimitedYesNo?
Afrihost-Silver ProR99 PMUnlimited10 GBYes2000100Yes1
Hetzner-BasicR99 PMUnlimited5 GBYes1005No10
Domaincheap-SilverR99 PMUnlimited10 GBYes505Yes?
MI HOST-EliteR99 PMUnlimited2 GByesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited PlanR99 PMUnlimited5 GBYes10010Yes5
MWEB-UltraR99 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYes103Yes2
Hostking-BusinessR99 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimited
Webspacebar-20GigR99.95 PMUnlimited20 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Host4Africa-Gold HostingR99.99 PMUnlimited12.5 GBNo2000100Yes5

Unlimited Everything: Hostking - Business

It's still the only package where everything is unlimited. If you don't want to be limited in any way then this is the deal for you.

Best deal for R100 or less Hostking - Business

In fact, for just under R100 per month you can have it all and I don't think it's beatable by anything else on this list. I will write more about why at the end of this guide.

Large with fries (R100+)

CostTrafficHDD SpaceLocalEmailsDatabasesFree DomainDomains
Ample Hosting-PlatinumR129 PM500 GB40 GBYes7025Yes?
Ample Hosting-PlatinumR129 PM400 GB40 GBYes7550Yes?
Gridhost-GuruR129.95 PMUnlimited15 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYes30
Gridhost-Shopping CentreR129.95 PMUnlimited15 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYes30
Elitehost-Unlimited ProR140 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNo7 PlanR149 PMUnlimited15 GBYes20015Yes10
Hetzner-StandardR149 PMUnlimited10 GBYes25010No25
Frikkadel-All You Can Eat BuffetR149 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimitedUnlimitedNoUnlimited
Serve Hosting-Serve 3R149.99 PMUnlimited5 GBNoUnlimitedUnlimitedNo50
Host4Africa-Platinum HostingR159.99 PMUnlimited25 GBNo5000200Yes10
Afrihost-Gold ProR165 PMUnlimited20 GBYes5000200Yes1
Elitehost-Business PlusR169.95 PM90 GB20 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNo3
Domaincheap-GoldR199 PMUnlimited50 GBYes10010Yes? PlanR199 PMUnlimited20 GBYes50020Yes20
Ample Hosting-DiamondR199 PM600 GB60 GBYes200100Yes?
Web Africa-Premium PlusR199 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimited
Hetzner-AdvancedR279 PMUnlimited15 GBYes50020No50
Elitehost-Business ProR319.95 PM180 GB40 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedNo7
Host4Africa-Rhodium HostingR389.99 PMUnlimited60 GBNoUnlimitedUnlimitedYes25
Afrihost-Platinum ProR399 PMUnlimited50 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYes1
Hetzner-MasterR439 PM100 GB / Unlimited20 GBYes100040No75

Unlimited Everything International: Frikkadel - All You Can Eat Buffet

Some people may prefer to have their sites hosted overseas. In that case Frikkadel is ideal because you can deal with someone locally while having unlimited hosting internationally.

Unlimited Everything Local (Part 2): Web Africa - Premium Plus

Interestingly enough of all the affiliate links this one gets signed up for the most. People trust the Web Africa brand and it being one of the biggest hosts in South Africa the prices are actually very good.

Windows Shared Hosting

CostTrafficHDD SpaceLocalEmailsDatabasesFree DomainDomains
Hostking-StarterR9 PMUnlimited500 MBYes10UnlimitedYes1
Cybersmart-BlueR18 PMUnlimited2 GBYes25YesNo?
Hostking-BasicR24 PMUnlimited1 GBYes25UnlimitedYes1
MWEB-LiteR29 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYes11Yes1
Web Africa-StarterR29 PMUnlimited1 GBYes51Yes1
Afrihost-Bronze HomeR29 PMUnlimited300 MBYes5NoYes1
Cybersmart-YellowR38 PMUnlimited4 GBYes75YesNo?
Hostking-StandardR42 PMUnlimited2 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimited
Cybersmart-GreenR48 PMUnlimited10 GBYes200YesNo?
MWEB-ProR49 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYes52Yes1
Afrihost-Silver HomeR59 PMUnlimited750 MBYes25YesYes1
Web Africa-PremiumR79 PMUnlimited5 GBYes100100Yes100
Cybersmart-AquaR98 PMUnlimited20 GBYesUnlimitedYesNo?
MWEB-UltraR99 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYes103Yes2
Afrihost-Gold HomeR99 PMUnlimited2 000 MBYes75YesYes1
Hostking-BusinessR99 PMUnlimited5 GBYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimited
Afrihost-Platinum HomeR149 PMUnlimited3 000 MBYes200YesYes1
Afrihost-Bronze ProR199 PMUnlimited4 GBYes500YesYes1
Web Africa-Premium PlusR199 PMUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimitedUnlimitedYesUnlimited
Afrihost-Silver ProR249 PMUnlimited10 GBYes2000YesYes1
Afrihost-Gold ProR349 PMUnlimited20 GBYes5000YesYes1
Afrihost-Platinum ProR599 PMUnlimited50 GBYesUnlimitedYesYes1

Cheapest of the Cheap (Windows Edition): Hostking - Starter

At under R10 a month plus a free domain this is ridiculously good value for money. If you want to host on Windows then you won't get cheaper than this.

Best Windows Hosting Deal: Hostking - Standard

You are only limited by space: 2GB. For R42 per month you can host a lot of Windows based websites and these days that can be anything from Wordpress to .NET MVC web apps.

Final Word

As this site is starting to get more traffic I'm getting more and more queries as to where people should host. I've had my favourite hosts and pointed people to them. Recently though I've been very impressed with Hostking. Their prices make them the winners of many of my monthly awards but not only that. They also have live support, friendly staff and I know that if I send people to them they will be helped properly. Hostking has a site builder too so even people who have never created a website can easily make one. So yes, they get my vote this month.

If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to either comment at the bottom of this article or to contact me via the Contact Me page. Please note that I reply via my personal email address and not a hostingweb email.

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